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When you use modern firearms in a movie, firing blanks, and spend months live firing those self same firearms, live, every day.

You end up with an actor who looks the part, acts the part.

The average criminal, has not good gun handling skills, first, they do not use holsters, if they have to ditch a weapon, having a holster on a belt? What we call a clue!

One of my expert witness jobs, in a self defense claim by the shooter (he walked from court, free) Toronto, March 1998.

One of the persons shot, was shot once in the body, and then once in the head, as he was lying on the street, still struggling to get a short barreled revolver from his jacket pocket, the exposed hammer was stuck in the lining.

This revolver was in the court, and the rounds that were in it, was also present, all mismatched, a round nose, a semi wad cutter, a target 148g full wad cutter. It was funny really, I was handed the .38 special rounds, whilst still in possession of the revolver!

As an expert, yes I know! But I did not have a brief case. You can get the jury on your side with little tricks, for instance, "Even though this revolver is empty of any ammunition, I will never point the barrel in your direction"

If you watch the 12 members of the Jury, they are nodding in response.

The Lawyer and I, spent a couple of hours, play acting the Q and A, in his Office.

Back to Tom Cruise and the movie, well done movie!
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