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BDS spent all that money because he didn't know the more costly "ridiculous" stuff was little - if any - better and rationally assumed it would be better. Now that he actually has meaningful experience with BOTH types maybe his comments are somewhat more valuable than elitist 'opinion' ... or is it not? If experience counts for anything, and it usually does, perhaps he's worth listening to, rather than someone else's untested 'opinion' of his experienced info?
So, I'm an elitist for questioning why a guy would 'throw money into the wind' for a bunch of redundant powder metering equipment?
Or is it just because I don't like the PPM?

Seriously, wncchester, you pull out that "elitist" card far too often, when some one makes even the slightest comment about preferring something over the equivalent Lee tool.

Notice.... I didn't even say the RCBS or Dillon tools were better. I simply stated that I PREFER them. My opinion differs from some one else's.
That makes me an elitist?
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