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The linked thread is primarily meant for looking up the serial numbers for revolvers, not automatic pistols.

In the early 1980s, S&W implemented a new serial numbering system consisting of 3 letters followed by 4 numbers. Metal-frame centerfire automatic pistols started using this system in 1984 beginning with TAAxxxx (x = number). Reference books indicate that, for unexplained reasons, the prefix abruptly skipped from TCZ to TVA in 1991. IOW the Model 4046 in question was most likely built in 1991.

FWIW a few special-order model runs have been given special prefixes, such as a group of Model 1076s built for the Kentucky State Police with KSP prefixes, and AFAIK some Performance Center guns have also gotten special non-sequential prefixes. However, AFAIK TVA is simply a standard-production sequential prefix.
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