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High pressure 45 colt loads ok in a 454 casull?

Some reloading manuals list high pressure 45 colt loads that warn they should only be shot from a Ruger Blackhawk or a Thompson contender.

I understand shooting 28k cup pressure loads in a wheelgun designed for 12-13k loads is a bad idea. I also understand that published load data has to thrown in their legal-eze speak for safety and to cover their behinds from possible lawsuits. Seeing that many of the 454 Casull loads from printed sources go up as high as 52-53k, and a 454 Casull can shoot 45 colt... Is there any logical reason why it is a bad idea to shoot blackhawk/contender 45 colt loads in a 454 Casull? Were the loading book warnings just written before the 454 became more popular?

My question is more for theoretical purposes than for practical use.

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