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That's not me.

The link to "The Rifleman's Journal" is a dedicated long-range precision shooting website where accuracy and precision is everything with .308/30-06 (can you say 1000 yard Palma match?).

Before I started loading .308, I spent some time on their website and must say, IMPRESSIVE! -

Check out their "pet loads" page -

Here are some of their credentials:
Mid Tompkins
At Camp Perry, in 1963, Mid became the first shooter to win the Highpower National Championship with the .308. He won it six times, as well as the Long-Range Championship, the Wimbledon Cup and the Leech Cup, not to mention being on countless Palma teams as shooter and coach. I can't think of anyone more qualified to open this article.

Bob Jensen
I think it's safe to say that Bob Jensen has loaded more .308 ammunition for Palma shooting than any other person I'm aware of. Bob, of course, loaded over 300,000 rounds for the 1992 Palma Match, ammunition that was used by competitors from all nations; and before that, he loaded 98,000 rounds for the US Army Marksmanship Unit.
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