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Originally Posted by FrankenMauser
And, I'm not really sure about that guy's thought process, anyway...

Old Setup:
My old setup, as shown in the picture above, consisted of two RCBS Chargemasters and one Acculab VIC-123. The Chargemasters would pre-weigh the charge at the exact target weight I was shooting for. Then I would perform a final weigh on the VIC-123 with whatever small adjustments were needed: either trickling a few kernels in or taking a few out with my fingers. Using this method, I could achieve accuracy of +/- 0.05 gr. at an average speed of 27 seconds per charge. It was possible to get a little more precise, but it would take much longer to weigh each charge - too long.

New Setup:
1. Sartorius GD503 purchased from (great folks, they pre-programmed it by emailing me and setting it to weigh in grains).
2. Omega Power Trickler: You can trickle single kernels with ease.
3. Lee Perfect Powder Measure: You can spend a lot more money on a measure but you won’t get one that is better. I owned a $250 Harrell’s Premium Power Measure, but prefer the $20 Lee.
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