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Yeah I'll insulate it and seal it up tight. That air unit is a big 220v heater/ac unit with a thermostat. It was in a big hotel room, so that thing should be no problem. I made it 8'x12' to accomodate the lumber I had. I was gonna buy trusses until I saw how much they had gone up. Decided to just make my own lol. They would definitely hold a lot of snow.... if we ever got any.

Edit: Sprayfoam: That stuff is HIGHLY flammable. I was using that stuff under the kitchen sink to try and keep mice from getting in. The woman was kneeled down talking to me... fumes built up.... pilot light on stove!!!!!! Kawooossshhhh!!!!!! Flames shooting out of drawers! Oh my!!!! Womans arm hair.... gone!!!! She was not happy. Burnt her skin to a bright red hue.... Lol Be careful.

sudo passwd root

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