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First of all, you don't have to take your holster off. Holsters aren't banned anywhere, as far as I know.

Second, the CQC may be a fine holster, but I think you would rather have a nice leather pancake holster for ease of carry. Then of course, IWB is nice also and slips the gun IWB so you can wear a shorter cover garment. Last, for this kind of gun, I like pocket holsters. I often carry mine in my rear pocket under an untucked shirt. Even if it uncovers, very little gun shows with my pockets.

Is there any kind of holster that allows for somewhat easy on -easy off capability....yet is secure?
IWB with snap loops,

or OWB with snap loops.

If I go towards IWB carry....that means buying all new pants, right?
Sorry for the elementary question....but if all my pants fit right now....adding something substantial to the inside would mean having two sets of pants. With carry (larger size)....and without. Right?
It depends on the gun and the pants. To CCW a 1911 or other thin gun in normal fitting(not tight) pants is easy. If you usually wear tight pants, you will need looser ones.

Again, for a first holster or 1 holster gun, I think OWB pancake holster's offer a lot of options for CCW and they are much less worrysome.
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