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Whatever you get, and I do not feel like getting into the Ford/Chevrolet argument, consider whether or not the gun will accept other barrels as well as there availability. You will find that Mossberg and more recent Rremington 870 shotguns sold as security or tactical models (something like than) have a longer then normal magazine, because of which you cannot exchange your short security barrel for a field barrel. The problem is that the barrel lug on most barrels is located so far from the muzzle that it will not match up with the end of extra capacity tubular magazines.

FWIW, a standard Mossberg 500 or Remington 870 will so the job. The Maverick 88 is probably fine, but I just don't like made in China guns even if the are marketed by U.S. companies.

As for the Turkish made Winchesters, I don't know much about them.

Perhaps more important than choice of gun are two things; strategy and competency. Decide on a security plan (for example I will not go downstairs and clear rooms, wait upstairs patiently for police, decide on lighting as in to use a gun light or not, where to wait for police lilke at top of stairs or in master BR) and competency means trigger time and perhaps some classes. Spend the money on targets and ammo instead of fancy dodads.
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