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"what are you supposed to do about your NFA item when you're fixing your target 200 or 300 yards downrange? "

I took this, in combination with the title & such quick ATF attention to mean this took place at a NFA Range.

I am summing that up to a quick read through.

On the other hand, I did state 'where were all the other admirable NFA guys'
Which still applies directly.

I did not state ALL NFA guys were admirable, and it is more than obvious it was someone lesser than admirable that stole the piece.
My question was and remains - Where were the admirable guys when this happened?

* NFA removed in the last line for fact sake.

I am not stating it was any ones 'duty' to watch his gear or even suggesting they should have. I am literally asking, where the other people were in relation.

- This message is meant to clarify myself, not engage in cyber confrontation.

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