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Concealed holster opinions


New to concealed carry....not to shooting.
Currently have a S&W J frame hammerless revolver and looking for options.
I originally bought a Blackhawk CQC holster, which is great in many ways.
Only issue is that it requires the belt feeding through it. So if I want to stop by the bank quickly, or approach a business that happens to have a "no weapons" sign on the door....I have to go back to the car, undo the belt, slide the holster off (tight fit as it should be), then redo the belt. This gets old having to do it a few times a day and has caused me to just leave the thing at home.

Is there any kind of holster that allows for somewhat easy on -easy off capability....yet is secure?

If I go towards IWB carry....that means buying all new pants, right?
Sorry for the elementary question....but if all my pants fit right now....adding something substantial to the inside would mean having two sets of pants. With carry (larger size)....and without. Right?

Appreciate any advice you can offer. I think it's smarter to learn from those who have done this....than try to re-invent the wheel myself.

Thanks in advance.
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