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I'm glad this came up. I've been having trouble with 9mm. ONLY 9mm! Never a problem with any others, 40, 45, 357, 44, and .223.

I just tried moving that gate metal closer to the slot. I'll see if that helps. The only tab I see on the case feeder is too high,(above), the top of the 9mm cases. Can't see how that would affect the cases being right-side-up.

The main problem is the 9mm is so short, the base isn't that much heavier to cause it to always orient base down. I'd suspect .380 cases would be worse.

Upside down 9mm cases are quite easy to clear IF you're looking out for when they show up. I reach across the top of the shellplate, hold back on the styuffer thingy, flip it over and let go of it. Case slides right in. PITA, but only takes a couple o' seconds.
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