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So went by the shop give the man the original Colt extractor. When I got there to leave it the salesmen asked why the new one didn't fix it. I said I haven't shot it with the new one yet, wanted him to look over it first anyways.

He took it to the back, know them so o went with. Fresh mag, 7rds rapid fired faced down into a barrel. Flawless. Couldn't believe it so handed the spare mag cause I was carrying the SIG 1911 8rds flawless.

Took it home. Here now. Inserted a new mag out of curiosity. Went to hand eject it. -____- got stuck. The very same way.

Yeah yeah. You cant move as fast as the gun when it shoots. Well doesn't matter. I can move fast and strong enough to empty a chamber of any handgun I own. Did it with the whole mag and out of 8 only 2 just barely plopped out.


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