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I think we are jumping the gun on perceived problems.

First off I doubt you'll see a mass rush of people buying 223s for deer or antelope hunting.
I don't see any "rush of people" buying .223s, either. They don't need to, because they already own them.
There are plenty of people out there that would like nothing more than to take their tacticool AR out on a big game hunt, but feared getting caught just enough to not do it in the past.

A hunter with poor ethics that would blast away with a high cap AR magazine is the same guy that would blast away with any other rifle.

You can't legislate ethics. Those who violate "fair chase" are going to violate fair chase regardless of what rifle they use.
Yep. ...just as I discussed in the second half of my post.
"Such is the strange way that man works -- first he virtually destroys a species and then does everything in his power to restore it."
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