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Lee Perfect Powder Measure: You can spend a lot more money on a measure but you won’t get one that is better. I owned a $250 Harrell’s Premium Power Measure, but prefer the $20 Lee.
That's nothing more than personal preference.
And, I'm not really sure about that guy's thought process, anyway...
Spend $900-$1,000 TWICE for powder charge equipment, and then claim that the PPM is the best powder measure on the market. If it was so great, why did he spend so much money on all of that ridiculous equipment?

There used to be a Perfect Powder Measure collecting dust on one of the shelves in my reloading room, due to the ridiculous amount of powder it leaked. Now, it's missing. I have absolutely no idea where it went, and couldn't care less.

The Uniflows and Dillon measures in my reloading room are not the best thing on the market, but I greatly prefer them over the Lee PPM.

...Just personal preference.
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