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General Question for the Machinists Here

This isn't specifically firearms-related, although I guess it could be. I'm curious about how to specify clearances on parts that are supposed to fit together when I'm talking to a machinist.

If I ask a machinist to make me a 1" diameter steel rod, and also to drill a 1" diameter hole in a similar piece of steel, should I expect the rod to a) fit into the hole, b) not fit in the hole, or c) maybe fit into the hole, depending on the tolerances of his equipment?

On a similar note, if I have something like a hole and a pin that I want to be an "interference fit" so that the pin can be tapped into the hole but won't come out on its own, how do I specify the sizes of the hole and the pin? Is there a certain "standard" amount by which the pin should be smaller than the hole, or do I specify the same size for both parts?
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