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Hey, they want photos, they get photos

At my range, calling a cease fire to get my last target of the day just to retrieve a target for photos or to snap photos at my convenience makes a person a very UN-popular fellow with the folks that would like to shoot I rarely take home targets; when I'm done shooting, I leave

That's a nice '03 by the way. Such a well made rifle.

It shouldn't be misinterpreted that rifle requires a scope to hit a target. I can do the same thing as displayed in your photo with my M1 rifle, my Father's 03A3, or my M1 carbine, all with open sights on a standard rifle target. The scope is only an 2.5x telescope, it provides better precision with mild magnification and it takes sight picture issues nearly away. I will say that although I can clearly see a 2" orange dot at 100 yards, since the target is much smaller than the black area on a standard target, the task of hitting that 2" dot is much easier with my 03A4gery

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