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In general ...I like a 4" gun for Tactical shooting / or for a gun I might carry.

If I were trying to hunt with a gun ...or shoot "bullseye" with it, I'd want a
6" or 8 3/8" barrel....( in .357 mag or .44 mag ).

Weight is also a big factor in selecting a gun ...especially in the heavier calibers...and while I understand the attraction of carrying an airweight gun / I find them very unpleasant to shoot vs a heavier steel gun.

The older I get - the more issues I have with my hands (arthritis, etc) the more I enjoy shooting heavier guns they don't beat me up.
Going to the range for a few hours this afternoon.....3 boxes of .357 mag in an N frame S&W model 27 4" / 6 boxes of 9mm ..and a pair of guns in
9mm ...a Sig 226 / and a 1911 4" gun. I'll run a variety of tactical drills with all 3 guns ...drawing from holsters, some reloads....double taps, triple taps, etc...( my reloads on the revolver are really slow..even with speed loaders...) but then, that's another reason to practice...and have some laughs...
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