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I have French Huguenot heritage in my family and any serious student of history would quickly realize that France has produced great armies as far back as the Franks, to the Crusades, through Napoleon to the wars of the 20th century. The France bashing I have noticed seems more based on France not jumping in as allies, when certain other nations say they should jump.

If younger nations had seen the hundreds of years of near constant wars that France has seen on its own soil, they might understand that France has a population that at times has become war weary ... and knows all too well the loss - nobody ought question their bravery and ingenuity as a military nation.

Some might do well to remember that it was the French who aided the U.S against England in the revolutionary wars - their contributions were vital and I say that with an English father, and plenty of pride in my English/Australian families military heritage also.

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