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Is it a straw purchase?

I was going to make an account on Centerfiresystems to buy an AMD-65 but realized my mother already had one. Not having my own bank account I simply put the money in her account, so I don't have to change any info and purchased the gun. It got to the FFL, who I had discussed this with late last week. There was never a misunderstanding as to who was going to buy the firearm and I was told that it would be fine to transfer it in my name. When I went to get the gun today I was told, that because It shipped in her name, but I was attempting to do the transfer, a straw purchase would occur if I did the 4473. I don't see the problem? It was my money, and It was my intent to buy the gun FOR ME. Nobody is acting as a proxy in my opinion because at the most, her name is only listed as the shipping info. But here I am sick to my stomach because I dread the idea that I may have almost broke the law there.
Any explanations?

Cleared it up with everyone and I have been told that I am not guilty of any crime. Everything was only precautionary. Remove this post if you would like.

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