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The Evil Pawn Shop had one of the carbine versions last year,,,
IIRC he was asking $1,499.00 for it with 2 mags and 250 rounds of ammunition.

If I were ever going to go the NFA route,,,
A stamp for an SBR would be my must have item,,,
I handled a custom CZ-75B at a gun-show that had a stock,,,
I really liked having that shorter type version of a rifle in my hands.

I never have and never will because it's highly illegal,,,
But I've been tempted to put the 4.5" barrel on my NEOS Carbine.

I like their (FN's) concept of a Personal Defense Weapon (PDW),,,
But what I really like though is that 50 round capacity,,,
If I were allowed to own anything for self defense,,,
That high capacity-short barrel would call to me.

Anyways, in 9 more days,,,
I get to pretend to be Lt. Col. John Shepard.


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