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Glenn E. Meyer
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Rob is so correct on sporting purpose.

Two countries lost gun rights in recent history. Australia and the UK.

In both, the gun community went the sporting purpose route and lost decisively.
The gun communities contributed to that. I have UK gun magazines that denounced the humanoid and blood lust aspect of American IDPA and IPSC, esp. with our humanoid targets indicated we want to kill. That's not a sport.

In Australia, a man's sport is an identifier of his manhood. The shooters thought that wrapping shooting as their manly sport, the rest of the country would go along after a massacre. They were wrong.

Having weapons so closely designed to kill and used by nuts did make a sporting argument. Practicing to kill was offensive in the heat of the moment. The 'tool' or 'sport' argument is useless and only convinces the choir. The gun is not a pliers or bowling ball.
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