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I went to the range yesterday and ran 200 more rounds through my Glock 36. They were 5.2gr Win 231 and 230gr FMJ Winchester bullet and primer. Every single one performed perfectly and for me they were accurate. I used the chrono again and got an average of 749fps. For my money I think I'll stick with it. Recoil was not bad. I think that's hot enough for me. The steel plates were falling when I could hit them. As always, I feel like it's me that needs adjusting rather than the gun or ammo.

Now, here's another question for the experts. I happen to have 250rds of Nosler 230gr #44964 FMJ-FP bullets. Only info I can find on that type of bullet is in the new Hornady book which is giving a OAL of 1.200 That seems awfully short to me. I loaded two dummy rounds without doing anything to my seating die and got 1.230 and 1.232. Would .032in make that much of a difference? Could I safely shoot these at this OAL? On my 230gr FMJ RN I'm averaging between 1.260 and 1.270. Any thoughts.
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