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Originally Posted by Camper4Lyfe
In NY, you may get a 100-200 yd shot, but that's rare. Added to that, the NYS DEC limits all long guns to a 5 rnd capacity (possibly 6, with 5+1), so even if you're using an AR, you've only got 5 shots.
Well, that's a bit of stretch, no pun intended. There are certainly many spots that I hunt where even a 50 yard shot would be tough but I could put my climber in a tree a few hundred yards from that same spot and shoot 300 or 400 hundred yards. I hunt a property with a soybean field where shots could reach 500 yards, in theory.

We in NY, historically being limited to shotguns, often PICK places where long shots are not possible but that's not the same as there not BEING spots. I have untold dozens of spots where I could shoot 200 plus.

I do believe we are in agreement. The long shots that you describe that people might take with unacceptable cartridges for those ranges are an example of stupid people doing stupid things. I'd wager that those guys aren't going to hit the vitals with any cartridge at that range because if they could shoot that far, they'd know enough not to do it with the inadequate cartridge. These are the same people that empty 5 rounds from their shotguns at a herd of running deer 200 yards out, hoping for a blood trail. Legal, and stupid. You just can't legislate stupid. You only hurt the non-stupid.
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