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I promised God one dark, black night that if he let me live to see the dawn, I'd never again run out of ammo. He let me live to see the dawn, and so far I've kept my promise to Him.
Dennis Dezendorf
Welp - - seeings that you've been in LE for 30 years & have a military background - - I believe that sums it up pretty well...

I firmly believe that we learn from our mistakes - which can be downright expensive...

A better way is to, obviosly. learn form someone else's mistakes..
It's a lot cheaper & safer that way .

Honestly - I don't want to know the details. Just saying it the way you did is enough...

As far as the OP's question goes. Nope. Never ran out. I always made sure I had some left for both home and the trip there.
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