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IMO... Either would work just fine. However the autoloader would require a bit more of a commitment to training, safety awareness, and maybe rotating magazines. While a revolver also requires you commit to some training, it's a lot more simple to store loaded over a period of time.

Much is said about the revolver being the more reliable of the two. My personal experience is that they both give about the same reliability. Modern ammo, in modern semi-auto pistols have mostly eliminated the idea that Auto's are inherently unreliable.

My personal choice is the revolver. For what is called a bedside gun I have a Colt detective special. The revolver allowes the choice of mixing ammo. The first chamber is loaded with snake shot. Many accidental shootings that happen in the home are mistaken ID shootings. This gives me the option of a very less than lethal first shot. Second and third chambers loaded with frangible rounds. I live in an apartment and dont want overpenitration. The last three rounds are semi jacketed +p hollowpoints. If the fight go's past three rounds.. I want some potent medicine to finish it.

IN addition I have a short double barrel shotgun loaded with 12ga birdshot.
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