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And so we finally reach the crux of the issue. It sounds as though the issue, when we get right down to it, is that you have problems with DA revolver triggers.
As a matter of fact - yes -I do have ,not problems per say, but, a definite and pronounced preference for the D/A pull of a S&W K frame....espcially the square butt w/the stock over sized target grips.
The model 66 - which I spoke of in my original post & the gun by which I made the comparison with, was both stainless steel and had the round butt frame - two strikes against it right out of the gate.
I was willing to overlook the stainless steel aspect as a compromise between my preference for carbon steel vs something that would be more suitable for every day carry.
(& yes - I do have several other stainless steel guns - I just don't care for stainless - same with "Tupperware" - I have a few of those too - but - I prefer good old carbon steel - - -however - I'm not a fanatic about it)

I was also willing to compromise on the round butt it had, provided I could "put em where I wanted them to go".
It turned out that w/a 125 gr. .357 load, accuracy was "acceptable" - but - it came w/a price tag.
I could keep all six shots in the X ring of a B-27 @ 25 feet (not yards..Im decent but not that good) shooting rapid D/A - but - the ejector would tear the living crap out of my hand as the gun recoiled.
Shooting three or four strings like that wasn't any fun...

158 gr loads were a whole different matter.
The gun did not like 158 gr loads & it also didn't like lead.
That right there was a foul tip & then strike three...

158 gr. Golden Sabers - the only 158 gr. .357 mag load I tried in it to be perfectly honest - could not stay w/in the X ring @ 25 feet.
158 gr .38 spl lead SWC (my own handloads) literally went all over the place w/several of them keyholing.

When I got the gun home & cleaned it & scrubbed the leading out to the barrel, I ran a cotton ball down the bore, shined a light in there & through a magnifying glass was able to pick up some strands hanging in the bore.
No real problem there - new gun/rough bore, I could either fire lap it w/jacketed or hand lap it & take care of that issue.

(& yes - it was the bore & not the ammo. The same load shoots fine out of my 6" barrel model 19 - it always has for the last 30 some years.
It (the 158 gr lead .38spl handload) also shoots fine out of my Marlin Cowboy II. I shoots "dirty" but fine. Unique powder is like that...)

It was then that the incident w/the Hi Power took place.
The HP was on the table & I noticed how similar in size both guns were.
I looked around at the facts and figures of the .357 Mag, 125 gr load vs the 124 to gr 9mm Luger +P loads & made the decision to just dump the 66 and not waste time diddling with it.

That gun was cursed from the beginning anyhow..
It started life as a Walther PPK/s that turned into a 10 shot S&W 617 - both of which I also hated.

Maybe you should learn how to pull a trigger ....
I already know how to squeeze one .
Which is something I can't do right w/a J-Frame - or going up the scale a bit - an L frame...I wouldn't have one of those things either.
K and N - yes - no problem...
J and L - no way...
1911 pattern - no problem..
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