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.223 and FMJ handgun ammo, you betcha. Been out of 7.62 Nagant for quite some time now, not a priority. Might still have a partial box of .357, haven't looked lately.
Always have SD ammo on hand, .38, 9mm, .45 ACP, even .45 Colt for the Model P (and now the Rossi 92). Buffalo Bore SWC and some JHP. Cashier accused me of having a Judge.
.30-06 and .30-30, usually have at least a box and a partial each. Currently swimming in the aforementioned .223 and M2 Ball. At least by my standards.
Also have ammo where I have run out of gun. Partial box of .44 magnum for the Mountain Gun I no longer own. Kinda miss that one. Couple rounds 7.62x39 from the SKS I sold to a buddy. Even eight or ten rounds of .270. I have never owned or even shot a .270...
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