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AR 15 mod question

I assume this is the correct area of the forum, if not, mods please move accordingly.
First off, Im new here so please be gentle lol. Ive been thinking a lot about doing a modification to my AR but I wanted to do the research first before I do any tests etc and I figured some more knowledgeable people could steer me in the right direction. I love shooting and I am mechanically minded but do not have a lot of experience with the inner workings of guns specifically.
Essentially What I was wanting to do was create my own ergonomic chassis (probably not the correct gun lingo) if you will for my AR. I was looking at conversion kits and various chassis conversions for weapons such as the ones center balance systems makes etc and it got me wondering if I could create my own chassis to envelope my AR. I do not want to change the function or inner workings of the rifle, simply remove the unnecessary components and replace/cover them with my own shapes. What I want to know is what components of the rifle can be removed without weakening the rifle structurally. Ive been looking through exploded views of ARs but Im relatively new to it all and dont know what components are necessary for the rifle to be safe and function properly. I dont want to go hog wild removing parts. Basically, what all can I strip down to get this rifle to its smallest and narrowest functioning configuration so that I may then go back in and build it up to look the way I want? I would like to create my own buttstock entirely and integrate it into my own chassis. The designs I have worked on are sort of like an ar 15 but with the look and ergonomics of an fs2000 + ps90. (without being a bullpup that is) My AR is a CMMG AR 15 5.56 if this matters.
Anyone think they can help or would like to help me brainstorm?
I can post images of what Im thinking if anyone is interested. Also, I have a lot of experience with metal fabrication as well as mold making so I think I can handle the project for those who might be worrying for my safety
My plan is to do this research then sculpt the initial form out of high density foam and then vacuumform it.
Any advice or help is appreciated.
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