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Make your own, like these I made;

Those are 44 mag 310 grainers.

Those are .45 200 grain RNFPHP.

That's the mold, made by MP molds in Slovenia by Miha Prevec. It's a cramer type mold that allows the HP pins to stay with the mold. Keeps them hotter to make nice filled-out HP boolits. The pins can be turned around to make a solid.

It's a group buy from The wait is around a year, but he makes some extras which he will sell to the public. Cost is $150.00.

No 38 hp's----------YET. waiting on a mold that is a copy of the classic 358156 in HP configuration,(158 grain as a solid, should cast at 145 grains as a HP).

All right I did see you want to buy ready made bullets. I just had to show you could make your own, and how mine turned out. And yes they actually expand well and are very accurate.
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