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Fix For Duffle-Cut Mauser

I posted the other day about this German 98 that I aquired, and it's poor amputated stock.

I'd like to fix it back to original condition, but until I find the right stock or part of one, I'd like to have it operable without looking like Hell, and be able to shoot and carry without the barrel band and hand guard falling off.
Sooo--- I figured out a way to cap the end with a fitted piece of steel which fastens with a screw. It cinches everything tightly together, and is removable allowing disassembly and future repair.

I inserted an aluminum lug into the cleaning rod channel grooved and epoxied, and threaded to accept a 10-32 screw.

Then I created this little cap, carefully matching the size and curverature of the barrel band and barrel. I made it so that it doesn't actually contact the barrel.

I gave the cap and barrel band a quick cold blue so they match.

And reinstalled everything with a countersink screw.

In the future, I can reattach the front portion of the stock under the barrel band where the cut won't be seen. I can simply drill out the aluminum lug to the proper size to accept the cleaning rod, and hopefully put this rifle back to stock configuration. Till then, I can shoot it, and pack it on the sling, and it doesn't look too bad.

If anyone has the parts that I need, and wants to do a little business, PM me. Thanks for looking. jd
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