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Originally Posted by Brian Pfleuger
NY has no caliber restriction at all. The law is "center-fire rifle". As far as I can tell, the cartridge used is almost never the cause of lost and wounded animals. I have seen wounded, unrecovered animals that were shot with about everything, long bows, compound bows, 12ga/20ga/10ga slugs, buckshot, rifles.... about everything.
(Edit: I see, in your last post, that we may be in 'political' agreement... even if our desires may differ.)

But, how many 400-800 yard shots have you seen?

Wyoming is a different world.

Although most ethical hunters in Wyoming will tell people that most shots over 200 yards just mean the shooter was too lazy to close the distance, a vast number of hunters in Wyoming love slinging lead at long range.

I just don't like the way the most .22s perform at those distances.

At 400 yards, a .223 Rem .251 BC 55 gr bullet that left the muzzle at 3,240 fps is only traveling 2,000-2,100 fps (depending on the altitude you're at in Wyoming). By the time it travels 800 yards, that little 55 gr pill is only doing 1,200-1,300 fps. If the BC is lower than that, you can trim even more velocity from the figures (100 fps for a .215; 50 fps for a .235). They don't have much energy left, and won't expand well, if at all. At 400 yards, for example, a 55 gr bullet traveling 2,100 fps doesn't even make it to 550 ft-lb of energy.

In addition, a .251 BC bullet fired at 3,240 fps into a (theoretically perfect) 10 mph crosswind will have almost 16 inches of wind drift at 400 yards, and just shy of 80 inches of wind drift at 800 yards.

The problem, though, is not the cartridge.
It's the moral dilemma:
I don't want to be telling people what they can and cannot use.
Yet, I also don't want some d-bag out banging away with his AR and a marginal cartridge, at a herd of Antelope that's 600-800 yards away. I see enough idiots doing it with iron sights or cartridges like .25-20, already. Giving them the option of doing so with their AR and 20-30 round magazines is not a pleasant thought.

In the last 4 years, I've taken 2 Antelope that were previously wounded by other hunters using marginal cartridges or a very poorly selected bullet. I don't see adding .22 caliber to the list as being an improvement.

But... my personal views just keep reminding me of a quote by Utah's Governor, earlier this year. He was commenting on how further restrictions on law-abiding citizens won't do anything to stop the d-bags from doing what they do:
Originally Posted by Gary Herbert
We can meet together and pass law after law after law. But you can't pass a law that outlaws stupid.
Such is life....
"Such is the strange way that man works -- first he virtually destroys a species and then does everything in his power to restore it."

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