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Titegroup, 231 and Unique are for low-velocity loads in the 44 mag, something like 6.5 grains of Titegroup with a 240 gr cast bullet, giving about 1000 fps in my S&W 629 at 8000 feet elevation at 70 degrees Fahrenheit. I would not load a cast bullet much faster than that.

If you want a real "magnum" load, you have to use a slower powder. Something like 22 to 24 grains of H110 pushing a 240 grain jacketed bullet to about 1400 fps. Beware that 24 grains is a maximum load and should be approached with caution. Also make sure to clean any leading out of the barrel if you were shooting cast bullets before the jacketed ones.

If you don't have a good reloading manual, make sure you get one. The Speer manual is a good one.
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