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Ive tried the $10-$20 digitals and while the work, I dont use them anymore, my 3 year old loves having her own to mimic me though! .... battery issues aside, when new they are just as good (as long as you can handle the constant need to re-zero), but give them time and the "workmanship" will start to show...

I have a set of mitutoyo 6" dial calipers I use at work (machine shop) and a set of brown & sharp I use to reload.... I would rather have the mitutoyos at home, as I like them better, but I bought them to replace the brown & sharp at work because I wanted a thumb wheel, and 99% of the time the no thumb wheel brown & sharp works fine (the other 1% they still work, I just wish I had a thumb wheel)

If I were going to go digital, they would be mitutoyo solar... digital and still no battery to worry about....

Its funny how some of the same people who bash lee because its "cheap crap" will go out and buy a set of calipers from harbor freight and call it good....
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