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Chris - it's best to state your primary and secondary intended uses. You'll find that the more information you give up front, the more refined will be the answers you get in return. It's sort of like the who-what-why-when-where-how stuff that is taught at work.

In the case of this particular post, I'd have recommended you (1) state your primary and secondary uses for the gun and (2) how often you intend to use it (fire it) for each purpose.

Had you said, for example, that you mainly want a strong home-defense gun, then you'd receive responses that question why-a-.357? (because of the ear-damaging report or other reasons).

Fortunately, you're in the right place. I've owned guns longer than the average poster here has been alive, but I wasn't computer savvy enough to find the forum until recently. There isn't anything related to guns or shooting that you can't get good answers for here, provided you post the question in the right part of the forum and that you ask the question with as much useful detail as possible. The staff members are good about steering newbies to the proper areas if they post in the wrong ones, which is great.
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