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I agree with Chris in Va. Now that you have one gun, at least you can hold off the bad guys until you buy the next one. Go to one or more ranges and rent as many different .45s as you can shoot in a session. Shoot them and make notes afterward about what you liked and didn't like (racked easy, racked hard, hit the paper, hit the next lane's paper, stuff like that). Afterward, ask the range owners what they consider to be the most popular, the most accurate and the most reliable models.

I'd also pay attention to OldAndSlow's recommendation about the Stoeger Cougar. I've never handled or shot it, but if it does in fact have the same control placement and general feel as your Beretta 92, then you might find that to be an overriding advantage. Once you have shot a lot, "memory" for where everything is, the pressure needed, all that stuff can matter to some extent.

Just like boats and airplanes and (fill in here), rent before you buy.
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