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The legislators wrote a penalty for a crime when they wrote the law in the first place, they did not write, oh, BTW: the penalty is 2 years in prison and a lifetime of restrictions. They simple wrote the penalty for this hypothetical crime is 2 years. (or 20 years doesn't matter the principle is the same).

Kind of reminds me of the old show "branded", where the criminal was branded with the crime he had committed. Now, branding someone physically would be instantly challenged as "cruel and unusual", but is not the effect the same?

Back when I was a kid (Pre 1968) I purchased a rifle and a pistol when I was 16, from one of the true gun store in existence at the time, with my own money, and on my own. When I was 19 (still pre 1968) I was in the US Army, had a Top Secret clearance, with a BI so thorough that my relatives that lived in Canada and Europe were calling my parents and asking why the FBI (or rather their countries equivalent) was asking about me.

May I ask? I got my first gun at age 12, birthday present from my parents. So now, by the time I join the military had owed several rifles and pistols (still own all but one of them), if all kids are so irresponsible, do you think I could have passed that BI?

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