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M70 bolt stuck

Brand new Model 70, I haven't fired it yet.

Wanted to check my chamber in accordance with my instructions that came with my Redding dies: They suggest feeding a fired case, and if the bolt won't close, screw in the die another 1/32nd of a turn and re-size. Keep going until you size one that fits.

So, I tried this, remembering the owner's manual specifically states that a round can be dropped directly into the chamber--which was somewhat of a surprise to me, as I was unaware that practice was advised in a CRF rifle. Anyway, the bolt will NOT cam into batter, nor will it withdraw. it is plain stuck and I'm quite nervous about trying to use too much force to move it either way.

So, any ideas from the crowd, or should I give up now and take it to a gunsmith tomorrow?
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