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A police department used to practice at a range where I shot. They were from another town. They used the "combat" range and the "rifle" range and the rifle range was being used by the SWAT snipers. They would not let you on the range while they were shooting (which made me unhappy as I could not shoot my rifle there), but you could stand 20 yards from the shooting tables and watch them shoot and you could see their targets if you had a spotting scope. They shot pretty well and they had some nice gear, lots of it.

They had 2 teams of 2 (spotters and shooters). Two guys would shoot, change positions and jobs with the spotters and the process repeated. Then all 4 would walk the 100 or 200 yards to inspect the targets, leaving all their gear out in the open, rifles, gear bags, ammo, etc. 20 yards to the gear and 30 yards to the vehicles and you could be gone. They did NOT control their gear well and I am rather surprised they never lost any of it.

How do you secure your gear while going down range? You leave somebody behind to watch it.
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