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What If...

My "better half" and I often work in the "field", a mile or more from our trucks in the Missouri River Breaks and Badlands; areas where there have been over 116 Mt. Lion sightings in the last year (39 Verified by F & G). We 've both seen fresh tracks and came across fresh track and blood on the brush, but didn't see the lion or what it killed.

Here's my question / concern: She recognizes the need to be armed but has proven to be recoil-sensitive. She can't handle the Marlin .30-30 I asked her to carry - which may be just as well. So, I bought her a Ranch Rifle in .223/5.56 which she's learning to shoot well.

Assuming she can bring it to bear and fires til a threat stops - IF it stops - will this rifle /round do the job of adequately protecting her?

We know that more/bigger is better. That's why I carry a Redhawk but, as I said, she can't hit anything with a higher recoiling arm and I can't always be with her. (Though we're working on her flinch)

Anyone here have firsthand knowledge of the efficacy of 5.56 64 gr HP or similar on this threat?

Many thanks!
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