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Wow Texasjustice, that's a crazy story and I'm glad you were able to get a violent criminal off the streets and chose not to open your door! I am sure having a gun to defend yourself if needed helped ease your mind though.

Thanks again guys, and Stressfire trust me I am NOT looking to go solving problems with a gun. Honestly I hope and pray every day that I NEVER have to shoot anyone or use my guns for more than recreation. I appreciate your input though. You guys always give me a different point of view and way of looking at things!
You better believe, I was relieved to have three guns within arms reach. And I know that I made the right decision by NOT Openeing the door. Lets suppose I had opened the door, and he had grabbed for them. Even having the right to defend myself, can you imagine a prosecutor asking "Why did you open the door to him?". So like the cliche says, the best way to win a gunfight is not to have one. I would have shot him only if he broke the door down. My adrenaline was going, and for several days I have not been able to sleep well since it happened. By not opening the door and exposing myself to a possible confrontation with even an unarmed intruder probably saved me a great deal of trouble. My peephole is not good enough so now I need to spend money on video surveilence, instead of another handgun.
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