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Yes, it happens to me once in a while...

the tab - on the metal sheet / on the front edge of the case feeder - called the Casefeed bowl insert...can be bent a little inward...makng the cases tip a little it doesn't happen. You can adjust it in our out ....for each caliber...which I rarely do. I get it so it works pretty well with my shortest case ( which is 9mm for me ) ...and it works pretty well for everything else ( .40 S&W, .45 acp, .38 spl, .357 mag and .44mag...) ...

the manual kind of describes it ..but its a little vague...but its basically a trial and error thing...( put a bunch of cases upside down in the finger slots of the case feed disc / and let the feeder run / until you get 100% of them to tip out of the finger slots ...vs dropping down the feed tube...)

As a backup I operate the least seated on a stool one case drops into station 1 ...the next case drops into place into the feed position between the two colored - case specific plastic pieces - the casefeed adapter and the arm you glance at can see if the case is bottom down as it should be vs inverted. At that point / you can drop that next case by hand...and toss it back up into the feeder.

If none of this makes any sense ...give Dillon a call ...they'll walk you thru it...

If they are bouncing as they go into the funnel - for the feed tube at the top ...there is a case feed adapter funnel ...that keeps that from happening too..
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