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I'd like to know what he says about the organization if he and his friends have some experence. I know that what happens on your side of the state will not be the same as here but would still be helpful.

Thought process is that we've got the space, the birds and a few guys in the lease such that we ought to be able to host 5-7, maybe more?....WWs on a weekend in the spring.

What would be bad though is for us to do a bad job of it and the WWs to not have a good experence. And sense we don't really know what we are doing as far as organizing this sort of thing we want to be sure that the WW organization can/will/has as part of their mission the ability to guide/help us sufficently to have it turn out well......

HD.....send me a pm with what you find out.

Thank you.........Ben.
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