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Excellent post on your endeavors Mike/Tx !!

Alot of people get caught up in the "harder is better" whirl wind of alloys then start scratchin their head or give up completely on lead bullets!

I got caught up in that & you would`nt believe the alloys I wasted ,literally

Then an ole caster took me under his wing after watching me scrub lead from my Redhawks barrel at the range , after he learned me the basics it was like a new world opened up to purty blue skys !!!

I also use Iso lead ,but my tin content is a bit higher `round 3% ,it tuffens the bullet a bit & I consistently get 12-12.5 bhn & can go to 1200-1250 before strippin starts in my GPs.

Casting HPs is different , I have a few Lyman SC & 1 NOE aluminum 360-180.
I found keepin the molds closed on the pins & casting hot get me very consistent HPs to feed my revolvers.
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