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Picked up a Rem 11-87 today ** Pictures added

I'm the guy who had a thread last week asking for info on an ATA Arms SA-08. Couldn't really find too much about it other than made in Turkey. I didn't really have a problem with being made in Turkey, but the rest of this gun was sort of unknown. Should also mention that the gun was used.

So fast forward to today: I stop in the gunshop to take another look at the ATA and find out if there was a manual with it. While there I discover a used Remington 11-87. Bingo. Looked great. 21" barrel and soft cell recoil pad. Sure it cost more than the ATA but I had to have it. Since I wanted it mainly for home defence the 21 inch barrel was perfect. It's not tacticool, but it's cool enough. I'm delighted with my purchase.

Updated 9-13-12 with a couple quick and dirty pictures:

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