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I responded to this by pointing out that many, if not most, .357 Magnum snubs are substantially smaller than your M66 was, and thus are also smaller than your Hi-Power, so the .357 snub does have a size advantage over a full-size 9mm. I also pointed out that in order to get a 9mm the same size as a small-frame .357 snub, you have to go to a compact or subcompact model with a barrel of 3-3.5" which will, in turn, produce lower velocity than either the .357 Magnum snub or the full-size 9mm.

To that, you replied that your comparison was "100% fair" and completely ignored the fact that there are many .357 snubs available which are much smaller than your M66 but still produce similar velocity.

I ignored the small frames for, from my perspective, a very valid reason.
I neither have nor would own one,,,period..
I dry fired a J frame once and put it back on the counter. Buying it would have been a total waste of money.
All the positives of a J frame disappear when you have to change you finger position mid trigger pull...

I would also not at this stage of my life buy or own a Ruger D/A.
The Ruger trigger is all wrong for me.
Same with Taurus, Colt,,,,,you name it...
Including BTW, a K-frame Smith w/a round butt.
And so we finally reach the crux of the issue. It sounds as though the issue, when we get right down to it, is that you have problems with DA revolver triggers. That's fine, you should certainly use whatever works best for you, but please realize that DA revolvers, including small frames, can and do work for a lot of other people. Just because something doesn't work for you, that does not mean it won't work or has no advantage to someone else.
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