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I am leaning that way as well. I am a bit worried about someone trying to harvest a big Muley with a 55gr varmint bullet. But the other side of me asks "who am I to say what someone can use to hunt with?"

I shoot alot of coyotes with the .223 and some of the 55gr varmint bullets don't exit a coyote. Nice for saving skins, but bad for killing deer?

I'm going to the Sept. 18th meeting in Lander. Hope this thread gets a few more replies before then from guys who live in states where .223 is legal. What are their laws? Do they have bullet restrictions? What are the results?

I might like to shoot something (deer, antelope) with my AR someday, so you see my confliction?

Anyway, it's going to be an interesting meeting!

Thanks again.
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