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I first started lubing pistol brass when I finally read the Lee books. I don't use furniture polish as directed however.

And what a difference lubing made! It makes things so much easier, especially if you're the type who likes to clean your brass very well. It's easier on your dies, easier on your brass, easier on your press, and easier on you. Even my Dillon XL650 user manual advises to use lube for pistol brass for this reason. The only part of the stroke that I need more than two fingers to operate the press is during primer seating, and that includes engaging all 5 stations at once (counting powder check)

You need so little to make a difference that there's really no need to remove the lube after loading. I also do what BigJimP does, but with an old beach towel. I can do many hundred at a time, and get them all shiny again without fingerprints. I'll never go back to not lubing.
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