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A general summary could be stated as: There are the have, and the have nots.

If you are among the haves, then you must be prepared for the have nots to break in at the least convenient time to take what you have.

Always, as in any tactical situation, be prepared. In this case, as in the case of protecting your tent, home, abode, or what have you, be prepared with anything that will help you be anything but totally defenseless.

I have been the victim of a home invasion robbery in which I was caught off guard and must have scared the heck out of the robbers who, apparently, did not think I was at home. I was shot and left for dead. I played dead which I believe is why I am here to tell the tale.

I now have a gun on my person most all the time. There are several hidden about the house. Every gun in my safe is loaded and ready to be fired immediately if the need ever arises. I sleep with a gun on my night table and a shotgun and AR above the bed in a rack. I have a state of the art alarm system which includes radio communication in the event the phone lines and electricity are disabled. And last but not least in my faithful, loving pet that is my early warning system that something is rotten in Denmark.
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