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Concerning the Berry's 124 gr. HP, be aware the nose of this bullet is short and broad and may need to be seated deeper than some designs. I need to seat to an OAL of 1.015 in my CZ SP-01 due to the short leade that CZ's are noted for. Don't know about your Colt. My SIL's Glock would accommodate just about any length. Fast-burning powders and short OAL is a recipe for disaster.

The faster powders such as Titegroup will give a nice soft recoil. If you're trying to duplicate the feel (recoil) of a personal defense round, a slower powder such as W231/HP-38 or HS-6 might better suit your needs. The slower powders will also give you a bit more leeway before entering the danger zone (pressure-wise). Whatever you decide, start low and work up slowly.
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